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Welcome to The Braxton Agency, where the sophisticated, mature and active travelers gather.  We're not your ordinary run of the mill travel agency; we're avid travelers with extravagant tastes and quality standards.  We wouldn't send you anywhere that we wouldn't go ourselves.

Our goal is this: provide outstanding customer service so that our clientele will receive stellar travel experiences before they depart, during their trip and after they return.  All of our itineraries are custom built to your specifications.  From the moment you arrive at your departure airport until the time you return home, your trip will be curated for a stress free experience.  If you return home exhausted, it will be because you had so much fun while away.

Our client list spans the globe and includes solo travelers, couples, girlfriends, brotherhoods, small and large groups.  We provide each client with the same level of premium service.

Meet the Owner

My name is Sandra Braxton

Born and raised in North Carolina, I've always been intrigued by places that I've never seen.  As a doggie Mom and wife of 26 years, I'm blessed to get to wake up and do what I love daily.


I knew that travel was my passion after my very first airplane flight in 1989.  I was on my way to Texas to start Basic Training with the United States Air Force.  I assumed that once I joined the military that I would get to travel the world.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for me.  As an Airman, I begged to be stationed overseas and never got those orders.  I said "Well, if they won't send me I'll send myself."

Now I travel a minimum of 7 times yearly; both domestically and internationally.  I'm always asked the question of which destination is my favorite.  It is very difficult to answer that question because I love different places for different reasons.  I haven't been everywhere yet but it's on my list.

My personal motto is to treat people the way I would like to be treated.  I know you hear that a lot but I make it my mission to show my clients that they are appreciated.  My goal is to deliver to you a stress free travel experience at your bucket list destination full of memories to last a lifetime.

I look forward to becoming your travel professional of choice.

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