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Own your own travel agency today!

Access to ALL vendors

Competitive commission 80% ALL bookings

Errors & Omissions Insurance (optional additional cost)

Free & Paid Training

Help Webinars

Complimentary Vacation Incentive

$49.99 Monthly Fee (Setup Fee $99)


How do I become an agent?

Click sign up and submit the email request for more information.  You will be contacted to schedule a Zoom informational where you can agree to the terms and conditions.  Once your contract is signed, you are ready to begin training.

Will I be working as a Braxton Agency employee if I sign up as a travel agent?

No, you will be an independent contractor. You will own your own business we only supply you with access to the vendors without the expensive startup cost.

How long does my contract last?

All of our contracts last one year.

Are there any incentives for referring someone to become an agent?

Yes, all our current agents get a chance to receive $25 off their next invoice for each referred agent.

Besides the setup fee and the yearly or monthly fee, are there any other charges I should be aware of?

We won't charge you any other fees. We do suggest to all our agents to sign up for Travel Joy (information to be provided).

When I sign up will I have to pay the signup fee plus the monthly fee?

No, during signup you will only be paying the setup fee. The monthly fee will be paid the following month on the 15th.

When can I start to make bookings?

As soon as you complete the New Agent Orientation, become a legal entity, have contracts in place, and obtain business insurance you can begin making bookings.

Can I get A website?

The Braxton Agency does not provide a website. However, you are welcome to build your own with sites like   Wix, GoDaddy, or Weebly, or to work with a web designer to build it for you. This is your business, and the choice is yours! Having a web presence is very important, but it is not going to do the work for you. Selling travel involves so much more than just the transaction itself. Your job will be to make sure you find the right match for your clients by qualifying them to the right destination and product. Your website would be to promote you, your branding, your niche or specialty. The best website will reflect your agency's personality so that your ideal customer can locate you online and then contact you to receive personalized attention.

Will I be able to get travel agent discounts?

‌Agents must be affiliated with The Braxton Agency  for at least 3 months and actively selling before we will grant approval to participate in a FAM trip that we have to put our name stamp on, or to use our agency ID information for the purpose of taking advantage of discounted travel. To qualify for CLIA card you have to be an agent for 3 months and booked 5 trips or took 20 trainings on any training platform. Note that many supplier-offered industry discounts require the agent to hold an industry-issued card such as IATA  TRUE, or CLIA. Please refer to these organizations directly for information on agent qualification and enrollment.

How many hours do I have to work?

It is YOUR business and you get to choose when you work. It is expected that you are checking your email and logging on to the agent website regularly. When clients are traveling, you are on call 24/7. The Braxton Agency does not have an 800 line for your clients to call in an emergency. However, many of our suppliers do have that option. You need to be available for your clients should they run into any problems while traveling.


When will I get paid on bookings?

Commissions are paid on Tuesday after it is received from the vendor excluding holidays.

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