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Embarking on a solo cruise is an exhilarating and liberating adventure, offering the perfect opportunity to explore the world on your own terms. Imagine setting sail on a luxurious ship, where you can indulge in ultimate relaxation, immerse yourself in exciting activities, and connect with fellow travelers from around the globe. Whether you yearn for solitude or seek new friendships, a solo cruise promises an unforgettable journey filled with self-discovery, breathtaking destinations, and boundless possibilities. Get ready to embark on a voyage of exploration and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Join us on this Adults only and all-inclusive cruise out of Miami, Florida.  We will be sailing to Key West, Florida and Bimini for a quick 5 days getaway of pure FUN.  The great thing about a Virgin Voyage cruise is that you may board alone but you are sure to leave with many new friends.  Virgin Voyages caters to solo travelers by hosting events especially for you.  You will get to meet the other solo travelers on the sailing and who knows maybe meet a new friend.  You are sure to enjoy every minute.

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